quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010

Wallpaper Fusca

3 wallpapers para o seu PC. Clique nas imagens para ampliar e copie.

Fotos: www.volksworld.com

2 comentários:

Nanael Soubaim disse...

Interessante que ele usa rodas com tala razoável, sem excessos.

Jon disse...

Hi there,

Please can you remove these photos from your site. They are copyrighted images and they do not belong to you.
By posting them on your site and adding you own logos you are implying that you took or own the photos. In doing so you are in breach of the copyright act.

If you would like to continue posting them in your blog you need to remove your logos and links from each image and link them through to the wallpaper section on volksworld.com where you took them from.
A text link in the post to volksworld.com is also required.

Thank you for you co-operation,